Summer interns wanted by SOAR

By April 7, 2016

Russia (MNN) — Do you remember the first time you left home and stepped out on your own? Chances are you had some idea how to do chores, cook, and pay bills. But imagine stepping out for the first time with no idea of even how to shop for groceries.

This is what’s happening to kids in Russia who are now aging out of the country’s orphanages. Greg Mangione with SOAR International says, “Kids coming out of the orphanage system were very ill-equipped to live a normal life. They didn’t know how to cook; they didn’t know how to clean. They always had everything taken care of for them.”

(Photo Courtesy Soar International)

(Photo courtesy Soar International)

To help ease the transition, for the second year in a row, SOAR is looking for summer interns to travel to Russia and help show these kids what life is about. The internship will last for six weeks, running from June 1 to July 19.

“Last year was our first opportunity. We had a student from Moody Bible do an internship with us with these orphans, teaching them everything from Bible to agriculture to cooking and sewing–iust all sorts of different life skills. But of course, discipleship and the Bible were the primary ones.”

Interns will be working with individuals in their mid-to-late teens. And besides having a chance to earn college credit and help others, this internship is a great opportunity to see what life is like in Russia and to grow as an individual.

As for qualifications, it all depends on the individual’s skills. Interns teach topics specific to them and their own skills. Basically, the internships is tailored to each intern based on their unique gifts.

If you’re interested, hurry up and get an application in for the chance to help change a life, maybe earn a college credit, and take part in an experience that’s sure to grow you!

But if travel isn’t an option, please pray that the needed interns will make their way to SOAR. Also pray for God’s provision for Russia’s aging orphans, SOAR, and the interns. And finally, pray for God’s Word to be known by these orphans, and for their lives to be His.

To learn more or apply for the internship, click here.

Or call, 1-888-388-7627 (SOAR).

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