Summer of Hope 2022 kicks off in US, Canada

By July 8, 2022

North America (MNN) — Today begins a life-changing summer for Native American and First Nations communities throughout the United States and Canada.

“Every summer, we know there’s going to be some intense spiritual warfare,” Brad Hutchcraft says. Hutchcraft oversees On Eagles’ Wings, a division of Ron Hutchcraft Ministries.

“The enemy does not like what is going on.”

On Eagles’ Wings’ Summer of Hope outreach follows a five-day, Jesus-focused retreat for Native American young people called Warrior Leadership Summit. See how God moved during Warrior Leadership Summit 2022.

As soon as the summit ends, “we take a team of 30 to 50 Native young people to tell others about the hope of Jesus,” Hutchcraft says.

“These are young leaders from all across the country who hop on a bus together, travel thousands of miles [in] a few short weeks, visit multiple Native communities, all with one goal: to share this hope.”

(Photo courtesy of On Eagles’ Wings)

Summer of Hope 2022

The Summer of Hope team plans to visit between seven and ten reservations in the U.S. and Canada during July. MNN is withholding location names and details for security purposes.

“We only bring the team where a local church or parachurch organization has invited us in. We want to make sure there’s consistent, effective follow-up,” Hutchcraft says.

The Holy Spirit moves as Native American Christians tell their “hope stories.” See examples from last year here and here.

“These are some of the bravest Christians I know. These are young people who stand on basketball courts in the middle of hundreds of local Native people and say, ‘we have been the suicide attempts,’” Hutchcraft says.

“‘We’ve been the abuse victims, gang members, drug dealers, but we have found hope, and His name is Jesus. He is not the white man’s God.’”

Ask the Lord to move powerfully in Native American and First Nation communities. Watch for updates from the team here.

“Pray for us these next few weeks,” Hutchcraft requests.

“These are life-changing weeks for hundreds of Native young people.”



Header and story images courtesy of On Eagles’ Wings.

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