Summer vacation could open doors for the Gospel in closed countries

By March 30, 2005

Middle East/N. Africa (MNN/JFP) — This summer, thousands of people from the Middle East and North Africa could receive and understand the gospel. The Jesus Film Project is gearing up for the “Ports Project”. It’s the JESUS film’s summer distribution program. Since 1992 it’s distributed more than 8 million pieces of literature, New Testaments, audiocassettes and videos of “JESUS” to people traveling by ferry between Europe and their homes in North African countries.

Although there has been some intense resistance, God is still opening doors to give these people the gospel. Teams of intercessors provide prayer support as each distribution team goes out. Distributors are also going outside the ports, to large gas stations frequented by these travelers, where people feel much more freedom to receive news of Jesus.

A few major ports have closed their facilities to those without ferry tickets (because of international anti-terrorism agreements). Yet, the teams are finding they are welcome just outside the port buildings. Volunteers frequently tell of boarding busses where, out of sight of others, travelers receive a “free packet.”

Many times, travelers will approach the distributors and tell them they received the materials last year, listened to the audiocassette or watched the film and are now believers. The joy on their faces gives them away! One taxi driver drove by a distributor, shouting from his cab, “I am a Christian! I am a Christian!”

A fairly new strategy involves taking these same materials into a major city of Europe where volunteers stand on busy street corners in Arab districts offering “JESUS” videos as people pass by. The families they encounter are usually wealthy, influential citizens of their countries. Far from home, they are more open to receive the materials and learn about Jesus, whom they revere as the “prophet Isa.”

Many of those who accept the videos and receive Christ are women, some of whom are in their traditional, conservative dress. Distributors say that if you look carefully, while offering them “JESUS,” you may see tears in their eyes, a sign of their deep desire to find God and hope. And, when one of these dear women prays to receive Christ, for them it is like the chains of oppression and fear falling away.

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