Summit kicks off growth plan for Latin American churches

By February 6, 2008

Costa Rica (MNN) — Yesterday was the first day of a two-day Evangelical Free Church of America summit in San Jose, Costa Rica. The summit kicks off the beginning of Latin America Training Network's three-year plan to empower healthy Christian leaders within the Spanish-speaking church.

Part of the goal of the summit is to display the direction of the new plan. EFCA hopes that the partnerships will develop with LATN to strengthen the church in Latin America, not only during these two days but as a result of the plan in the long-run. Ten goals outline the aim of the plan to develop individuals as leaders. 

LATN provides internet accessible training courses that allow Christians to learn without requiring them to give up existing jobs and ministry positions. The program is cost-efficient. There are several tracks a student can take, each of which does Biblical study while looking at it in contemporary settings, and while also considering the challenges that face Christian leaders in Latin America.

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