Supplies needed for trips to GO this summer

By February 7, 2012

International (MNN) — Several ministries have opportunities for summer internships, but most of them are geared toward college students or young adults.

But what about those who would like to get involved with those ministries but aren't in that age-bracket? Is financial support the only option?

Buckner International has a way for anyone to get involved with these trips. Buckner has some important needs that must be met in order for this summer's Project GO programs to be effective.

Project GO summer interns will be working with children in orphanages and community centers, putting on Vacation Bible Schools, teaching English classes, serving as mentors, and much more in seven countries worldwide. In order to engage these kids in learning about the Gospel, a lot of hands-on materials are vital.

Buckner needs the following:

• 500 8-pack boxes of crayons
• 13 bags of balloons (50 count or more)
• 300 small boxes of markers
• 30 inflatable beach balls
• 500 packages of construction paper
• 100 small bouncing balls
• 100 bottles of bubbles
• 13 large packages of sidewalk chalk
• 20 paint-by-numbers sets
• 13 air pumps for the beach balls
• 150 bottles of lice shampoo
• 13,000 pencils
• 100 large variety bags of non-melting candy

It might seem like a small way to get involved, but simple things like crafts and toys are significant ways to reach tiny hearts who grasp the Gospel through visual arts. (Imagine trying to sit a 5-year-old down in a room and tell him about the Gospel without anything but words. He'd probably lose interest pretty fast.)

Every supply helps. If you can assist Buckner with these needs, call 214.328.7463. Otherwise, mail your items directly to the Buckner Center for Humanitarian Aid:

5405 Shoe Drive
Mesquite, TX 75149

Click here for more information.

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