Surveys are underway in preparation for a new ministry in Japan.

By October 6, 2003

Japan (MNN) — It’s one of their top ten languages of the world and that’s why Back to the Bible would like to reach the country of Japan.

Japan is suffering from a skewed view of Jesus Christ. It’s brought on by pluralism and western influences. Back to the Bible would like to address that head on by offering the truth that can only be found in God’s word.

Back to the Bible’s David Hansen says they’re in the research state right now. “We basically do research trying to understand who’s doing what already there. And as a result of that research try to determine what is the best media to teach the Bible. While it is true historically we are known as the radio program Back to the Bible. If there is a different type of media that’s more positive and can make a greater impact, that’s what we’ll use.”

While Hansen is thankful for funding for the project, he’s more interested in something else. “But, we would even be more grateful if during this period they pray specifically that we will understand what God’s will is for Back to the Bible in reference to a Japanese ministry. It will be tough sledding.”

Hansen says it could take up to a year to complete the survey.

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