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Published on 11 July, 2014

Sustainable children’s home a foundation for a better future

Int’l (MNN) — Exponential impact is just one of the benefits of self-sufficient ministries.

Vision Beyond Borders is working with a home in Burma to establish more self-sufficient programs as part of their Vision for Children program.

Every child in the Vision for Children program is matched with a sponsor. (Photo by VBB)

Every child in the Vision for Children program is matched with a sponsor. (Photo by VBB)

Dyann Romeijn of VBB says self-sufficiency for their ministry is a must in case they are forced to leave the country.

“As we’ve gotten into countries like Burma where we don’t have diplomatic relations, it’s always been a concern of ours: what would happen if we were kicked out, if we were not allowed?”

She says that in cases where the programs are dependent on those outside ministries, it would actually leave the people worse off than when the program was started.

While VBB has established many children’s homes in India, Nepal, and Burma, they know getting kicked out is always a possibility. “We always want to make sure that the people we’re serving would still be able to continue to function if that were to happen. So one of the ways that we’ve been looking at trying to do that is to allow these children’s homes to become a little more self-sustaining,” Romeijn says.

The home in Burma has the opportunity to develop seven acres of property. This will make it possible for the home to provide all the necessary food for the children, as well as provide an income to provide their school supplies and other educational needs.

Eventually VBB wants to establish Tilapia ponds, orchards, and various other crops. For just over $4,300, the home can begin a fish pond, buy goats, chickens and pigs, clear the land for three acres of rice paddies, and two acres of additional crops.

With these resources, the children’s homes will be self-sufficient.

Romeijn says, “It shouldn’t ever be our goal to make somebody dependent on us, but more a way for us to help them help themselves, to actually improve their countries. And then once you get a home that’s self-sustaining, then you can actually look at starting additional homes, and they can continue to take care of themselves.”

Many of the homes VBB works with care for around 1000 kids.

Many of the children we serve have been found on the streets after being abandoned, or were left at the orphanages because their parents were too poor to feed them. (Photo by VBB)

Many of the children VBB serves have been found on the streets after being abandoned, or they were left at the orphanages because their parents were too poor to feed them. (Photo by VBB)

Romeijn explains that the work VBB is doing goes along with God’s call to take care of the widows and orphans. Along the way, these children get to experience the love of Christ, hear His truth, and choose to follow Him.

“I just truly believe that the more we can help them be able to take care of themselves, and as they grow up to be able to teach other people to do the same thing, these children will learn a lot of life skills. They’ll be able to apply them as they grow, so it truly will make a difference for generations,” says Romeijn.

She requests that you pray for wisdom and guidance for those working at the homes, for the children to learn quickly what God wants them to learn, and that the work of their hands will prosper and see a return and multiplication of their efforts.

You can contribute to the land development here (please use my funds for: Children’s Home land development-Burma), or sponsor a child here.

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Call to action

  • Pray for guidance for the workers at these homes, and for the children to be touched by the truth of God's Word.
  • Consider sponsoring a child with VBB, or giving to their ministry so they can help the home develop the land.
  • Pray that the work put into this home will have substantial return.

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