Sweden considering ban on Quran burning

By July 11, 2023

Sweden (MNN) — Muslim countries are in an uproar after an Iraqi refugee in Sweden burned a Quran as part of a protest. The incident took place in front of Stockholm’s largest mosque on the Islamic holiday Eid al-Adha. In Islam, burning the Quran is blasphemy.

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The backlash has been fierce. Morocco recalled its ambassador from Sweden. Protestors stormed the Swedish embassy compound in Baghdad. There have been arrests in both Sweden and Germany that stopped retaliation terrorist attacks.

Swedish police had granted permission for the protest to take place. But now, the incident is being investigated for incitement of hatred. Sweden’s Justice Minister Gunnar Strommer says the country is considering banning protests that include burning the Quran.

However, Denise Godwin with International Media Ministries (IMM) says it highlights a double standard.

“I find it sad because people are looking away when other kinds of religions are disrespected. There’s the increase in anti-Semitism. There is definitely an upsurge in anti-Christianity. So it’s fascinating that disrespecting a document or a book can become an international incident, when in other cases, it’s swept under the rug by the media or by the community.”

IMM’s Gospel-based media ministry reaches countries with large Muslim populations where Christians and other religious minorities are often targeted with blasphemy accusations and persecuted.

Ministry in this context is difficult. Even simply sharing the Gospel can be construed as blasphemy against Islam.

(Graphic courtesy of IMM)

Godwin says, “There are people who want hope… But there’s also danger. There’s danger for the missionaries, for the workers, and also for the expats.

“As International Media Ministries, we’re trying to find ways using media to help get the Good News in the local language into places that are living in very difficult times with persecutions going on, and it’s important for us to pray for our brothers and sisters.”

Please pray for protection for minority Christians and others who could be targeted in retaliation for blasphemy accusations. Pray that the Gospel message of Christ’s compassion and truth would diffuse anger.



Header photo courtesy of Marcel Strauss/Unsplash.