Switzerland hosting weekend peace summit for Ukraine

By June 12, 2024

Ukraine (MNN) — Switzerland is hosting a peace summit this weekend to garner support for the Ukrainian president’s peace proposals. Russia, however, is not invited, and China won’t be attending either.

Meanwhile, Ukraine may have stalled the Russian offensive in Kharkiv, but continuous assaults elsewhere keep the nation on edge.

Greg Yoder with Keys for Kids says Ukrainian partners tell him, “There are air raid sirens every night; there are rockets and bombs and drones hitting key areas. Many of them (Ukrainians) don’t have food, they don’t have a place to live. Some of them are still in subway areas.”

Nonetheless, hope remains. Churches that were empty when the war began are starting to fill up again.

Refugee children from Ukraine holding Keys for Kids devotionals.
(Photo courtesy of Keys for Kids Ministries)

“Much of the congregation have left, but now there are new congregants, new members of these churches because that’s where they’re getting the aid [and] encouragement; that’s where they’re being prayed for,” Yoder says.

Together with local church partners, Keys for Kids is helping children and youth in war-torn Ukraine find hope in the Risen Savior. More about that here.

“We’re continuing the process of translating so that there are at least 12 months, or 12 volumes, of Keys for Kids and Unlocked in Russian and Ukrainian because the need is so great,” Yoder says.

“We’re seeing many of these young people come to faith. Now, they need to begin growing [in their faith.]”

Keys for Kids is also helping Ukrainian refugees in neighboring countries. “We’re not just in Ukraine. Now, we’re working in Moldova, Poland, and Latvia, where there are incredible needs physically, mentally, and spiritually,” Yoder says.

Connect with Keys for Kids here to learn how you can help.

“Pray that hearts will remain open, that they’ll understand their need for salvation, and that they will come to saving faith in Jesus Christ,” Yoder requests.

Additionally, “ask God to protect the pastors. Many of the men have been left behind with the thought that they could be drafted into the army. They’re still doing great work.”



Header image depicts an Orthodox church building in Chernihiv, Ukrainek, which was destroyed by an aerial bomb in March 2022. (Photo, caption courtesy of Anzhela Bets/Unsplash) 

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