Syria failing to meet ceasefire conditions

By April 20, 2012

Syria (MNN) — Syria and the
United Nations finally agreed on the framework for observers
monitoring a shaky ceasefire.

The three-month mission will be to monitor the cessation of
hostilities that began on April 12 and the implementation of the Annan plan.

Since the uprising against President
Bashar al-Assad's regime erupted in March 2011, more than 11,000 people have
been killed, with more than 120 dying since the truce came into force.

In what was optimistically called
an "Arab Spring," some changes did occur. Certain laws restricting the people were lifted. However, as protests
continued, the Syrian government responded with military force resulting in
thousands being killed and tens of thousands being displaced from their homes.

Many fled for camps along the borders
of Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon.

As a result, Operation
says people are struggling to feed their families. Shops can
barely keep any products in stock because many roads are blocked. In addition,
thousands of Syrians are fleeing into Turkey or camping on the Syrian side of
the border.

In the midst of this destruction, communities of Syrian believers are on
the frontlines of bringing help and hope to their own people, according to
Operation Mobilization. These followers of Jesus are reaching out to those who
are starving and hurting by providing food packets and sharing God's love.

$75 will provide a food packet
which will feed an extended family for one month. None know what the next few years will hold
for Syria and its people, but they do know that the Arab world is crying out
for something new. Please consider how
you can help. Find the link at our
Featured Links Section.

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