Syria struggles in quake wake

By February 21, 2023

Syria (MNN) — Health and hunger concerns mount in Syria as aid workers struggle to reach needy people. Harsh winter weather hinders emergency response and the wellbeing of survivors.

“The minute this (February 6 disaster) happened, we tried to connect with our participants. Some don’t have [any] place to go to right now, especially in Aleppo,” MENA Leadership Center’s Fadi Sharaiha says.

The catastrophic February 6 earthquakes affected over four million people in Aleppo and three million in Idlib, the United Nations reports. A 6.4-magnitude earthquake in southern Türkiye yesterday sent a fresh wave of fear rippling throughout northern Syria, injuring 470 people.

Needs vary widely, and they’re all urgent. “It (the disaster) is affecting [MLC] participants in so many ways. [Our contacts in Syria are] talking about basic needs like clean water, milk for the babies, and dealing with the trauma,” Sharaiha says.

“So many people cannot even sleep because of the trauma.”

MENA Leadership Center may not provide direct relief aid, but they’re helping the people who can – believers on the ground in Syria. Christian leaders throughout the country attend MENA Leadership Center for training and development. More about that here.

Today, “we [have] our first session on psychological first aid,” Sharaiha says.

“[The course provides] participants with psychological first aid tips: how to take care of other people, and how to take care of themselves.”

Although courses are free for church leaders, it costs MLC to provide this service. You can help by sponsoring a leader here.

Most importantly, “please pray for us. So far, we have more than 30 people registered for the course,” Sharaiha says.



Header image depicts damages from the February 6 earthquakes. (Wikimedia Commons)

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