Syrian Christian leader healed from COVID-19

By December 29, 2021

Syria (MNN) — COVID-19 has ravaged churches throughout the world since its emergence in early 2020. Many Christian countries like Syria still don’t have access to vaccines.

Tom Doyle with Uncharted ministries tells the story of one Christian leader in Syria. “Rami got COVID-19. And he’s about 40. He was sick. In fact, he was so sick that the team for Uncharted in Syria kept going back and forth about taking him to the hospital or not. He looked like he was going to die. Yet, on the other hand, our whole team does not know one person that went to a hospital in Syria with COVID-19 and came out alive.”

The team prayed urgently for Rami to recover. His condition only worsened, and he could barely breathe.

A mysterious man visits

But then late at night, Doyle says, “He saw a man come in the room and put an oxygen mask on him. And the man said, ‘Breathe through your nose.’ So we started to do that, and he could feel it filling his lungs. Rami, by the way, has never been able to breathe out of his nose. He’s just had a blockage there.”

The man visited Rami throughout the night until he felt better. A doctor later confirmed he had recovered.

As the man kept appearing, Rami noticed something written on the mask. He tried to focus on the words, but couldn’t read them. Finally, he asked the man. Doyle says, “And the man said, ‘Those are the names of the people that are praying for you right now.’ And then he put one more mask on him. And on that mask, he could read the name, Jesus.”

Doyle encourages listeners to keep praying for those suffering from COVID-19. “I think it doesn’t take a genius to figure out when we turn on the news, we live in some dark times. But has that stopped the advances in the Kingdom of God? Absolutely not.”



Header photo courtesy of Chickenonline on Pixabay.