Syrian Kurds turn to Christ across the Middle East

By May 11, 2021

Syria (MNN) — A new group of Kurdish fighters entered the fray recently in northeast Syria. There’s been constant tension and fighting in the region since Turkey invaded in late 2019.

“It’s disputed territory, [with] regular incursions by the Turks, Russians, and the Syrian army,” Samuel of Redemptive Stories explains.

“[The territory is] held currently by the YPG, which is just a faction of the Kurdish army. It’s one of the many Kurdish ‘three-lettered armies,’ as we like to call them.”

Nonetheless, hope remains for the troubled region. “We were able to go visit there recently, and I see two things across the Middle East,” Samuel says.

“[First,] God is using media in a fresh way, particularly social media, to proliferate the Gospel across the Arab world. One of the even more beautiful things [is] the response of the Syrian Kurds.”

“Kurdistan” means “the land of Kurds”. Originally this designated a region of Western Iran. This map extends the concept to cover the greater region with any significant Kurdish population and encompasses parts of Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey.
(Wikimedia Commons)

The territory Syrian Kurds call home remains a battleground for multiple foreign armies and Kurdish forces. The United States tried to withdraw in 2018, but geopolitical complexities with Turkey and Russia maintained its presence. Similar difficulties exist today.

They may have lost their homes, but God has not abandoned His purposes for Syrian Kurds. “Many families have fled to Iraqi Kurdistan and Lebanon. These Kurds have come in contact with Christians, [who] faithfully communicated the Gospel to them,” Samuel says.

“Many have come to faith, and there’s a real openness. It’s honestly a movement of God’s Spirit among them.”

Syria may look like a lost cause, but keep praying. God isn’t finished yet.

“Even amid ISIS and the atrocities that have happened over the past 10-plus years in Syria, even though God has allowed terrible things to happen, He is still making beautiful things,” Samuel says.

“There are churches in Lebanon completely made up of Syrian Kurds. So many of them have come to faith, which is a beautiful, beautiful testimony to the Spirit of God.”

Praise God for bringing many Syrian Kurds to faith! Pray that as these new believers grow and mature, they will reach other Kurds for Christ. Find more ways to pray for Syria here.

“If you look at your own life, God allows difficult times sometimes to make beautiful things,” Samuel says.

“Just remember that He is always in control, and He’s always working out His great plan.”



Header image is a representative photo depicting Kurdish people wearing traditional clothes. (Photo, caption courtesy Wikimedia Commons)