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By March 25, 2011

International (MNN) — There's a story about a boy and a
starfish. It goes like this:

"Many starfish washed up on shore. A young boy started
picking them up and throwing them back into the ocean. Someone saw what
he was doing and told him that it was pointless, that there were too many to
save, that it wouldn't make a difference. Throwing another starfish into
the sea, the little boy responded, 'It makes a difference to this one.

CUREkids is acting on this principle, that one person can
make a huge difference in a life just by getting involved through their 1-Child

It's simple: All you need to do is "Follow" a CUREkid, and a
donor will give $1 to that child's surgery on your behalf. Then, you share
that child's story with a friend…and on it goes.

When you join CUREkids, or take the 1-Child Challenge, you're getting involved in something
much bigger than yourself. You're joining a community of
people from across the U.S. and around the world who are committed to making a lasting difference in the life of a child who has a curable

The staff that works with the child and family are followers of Christ
and often have the opportunity to share the hope of Jesus that motivates them
to work in difficult circumstances. The
love of God is in every part of the process, from the initial assessment to the
final steps as the patient walks out of the hospital on his or her own feet. 

Just "following" someone can make a life-changing difference in a child's life. Launched
on March 21, just 86.5 hours later, 155 people have
taken the challenge…resulting in $5540 being
given and 32 CUREkids who
will receive care.

The sky's
the limit to a challenge like this. It
ends on April 29, 2011. Click here to participate.

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