Take your family to India — through virtual reality!

By September 27, 2018

India (MNN) — Want to go to India for free? Mission India might not be able to get everyone there on a plane for free, but they can get you there via virtual reality!

Mission India partnered with Sonlight Curriculum, a Christian homeschool organization, to create a free virtual reality adventure called Experience India. It’s especially great for kids and will take your family through the lives of four Indian people over four weeks.

Erik* with Mission India explains, “Each week, each family will get a 360 [degree] experience. We will…give each family a virtual reality headset so they can be immersed into a day-in-the-life of a child [in India]… Then there is also a regular video experience that each family will get. We created devotionals for the families to go through together and all this kind of other fun activity content.”

So why virtual reality?

(Header image and photo courtesy of Mission India)

“It’s hard to understand what India is like if you haven’t been. Most people don’t have the opportunity to go. So we have been playing around with virtual reality for the last year and a half, two years. We wanted to take it to the masses. We wanted to take people to India, and the best way to do that was through virtual reality,” Erik explains.

“It is cutting edge and we’re excited to see how God uses this new tool to bring families to India without having to take that 15-hour flight.”

Ultimately, the passion behind Experience India is to encourage believers to gain a heart for India and what God is doing there.

“The main goal out of all of this was to educate families on what the Great Commission is, why it’s important, and why God has called us as Christians to reach the world with His love and grace. Over the course of four weeks, we hope that each family grows closer together, but also grows deeper in their understanding of why the Great Commission matters and more specifically why India matters to God.”

(Image courtesy of Mission India)

Experience India kicks off on October 1st, but you can sign up for the adventure now! When you do, you’ll get a free Adventure Pack and virtual reality headset mailed* to you. Approximately 2,500 families have signed up already.

“They have been getting emails being educated on how to use virtual reality. They have been educated on our program — the Children’s Bible Club. We also created a Facebook group where families can talk and get to know one another and just be able to hang out and take part in this experience together.”

After you go through Experience India, you can find more ways to support Gospel work there through Mission India.

“People are really excited! We’ve even got some donations already and the campaign hasn’t even started,” Erik shares.

“We’re excited to see how God moves in each family and then through each family, how God uses their support to impact kids in India.”

Click here to sign up for Experience India!

Watch the promotional teaser for Experience India here!


*US and Canada addresses only. One Adventure Pack per mailing address.


*Name changed for security purposes.

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