Taking action against hunger in Ukraine

By April 29, 2015
(Photo courtesy Christian Aid Mission)

(Photo courtesy Christian Aid Mission)

Eastern Ukraine (MNN) — How far would you go to feed the hungry? Would you risk your life? That’s what local missionaries supported by Christian Aid Mission are doing in Eastern Ukraine.

The war in Ukraine rages on, even though it doesn’t occupy the media headlines.

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights spokesperson Ravina Shamdasani said, “In 2015 alone, about 400 civilians have been killed as a result of indiscriminate shelling of residential areas and because of landmines and unexploded ordnance — both in Government-controlled territories and in territories controlled by armed groups.” The UN and Human Rights Office and World Health Organization estimated more than 6,000 people — both military and nonmilitary — have been killed in the last year. And, more than 15,000 have been wounded.

Thousands of civilians who were not able to evacuate their homes have stopped stepping out of the house for fear of being wounded or killed.

With supplies running thin, some families have gone without food for weeks. Christian Aid Mission reports that a local ministry leader found one family who had been trapped in a basement and hadn’t eaten in 45 days. He said, “You have not known hunger until you have seen those who have gone without food.”

Indigenous missionaries with Christian Aid Mission are helping the hungry–and risking their lives in the process. Traveling through dangerous areas, they are bringing bread and water to families who have been deprived of supplies and are literally starving. They are restoring hope in the lives of many–both physically and spiritually, sharing the hope of Christ as they give food in His name.

Just like these missionaries, you can help provide for families. For only $1.75, a family of four can have bread and water for a day. Right now, this would be a miracle for them. Click here and go to April 27 to help provide for families who don’t know when their next meal is coming.

Also, pray for their safety and for miracles of provision and salvation.

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