Taliban denies Christian presence in Afghanistan

By June 6, 2022

Afghanistan (MNN) — The Taliban denies any Christian presence in Afghanistan. A spokesman for the terrorist group tells Voice of America, “There are no Christians in Afghanistan. [A] Christian minority has never been known or registered here.”

But an Afghan believer we’ll call Hossein* says hidden Christ-followers remain in the country. He’s working with Heart4Iran to develop a network for these secret believers.

“Soon, we will start the online Church for Afghanistan. [It will have] teaching programs for new believers; discipleship inside the country that we can help on church planting,” Hossein says.

Listen to a full-length Afghanistan update from Heart4Iran here.

Along with launching an online Church, Heart4Iran is developing new satellite TV programs for Afghan viewers. These initiatives are part of the ministry’s five-fold approach:

  • Air Virtual Church services for those who are unable to attend a church physically
  • Produce new programs geared specifically towards Afghans
  • Increase the number of operators that staff Heart4Iran’s 24/7 prayer line to help with the surge in demand
  • Provide trauma counseling with trained staff
  • Send physical Bibles to Afghan refugees in Iran

“It (Christianity) is not done; the churches can still grow in Afghanistan,” Hossein says.

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Ask the Lord to protect and provide for the Christians and churches in Afghanistan. Nearly 20 million people – half the country’s population – face catastrophic hunger.

“Relief is another thing we are praying for,” Hossein says.

“Afghanistan was the second-[neediest] country in the world even before the Taliban takeover. After the Taliban, it’s become even worse.”

Pray for Gospel opportunities as believers show God’s love by caring for neighbors in need. “Jesus had [compassion on] the people, and he did a miracle with five loaves and two fishes. This is because he saw that people [were] hungry,” Hossein says.

“[Please pray] that in this project, we can also help the needy people.”





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