Taliban executioner finds peace through Jesus

By September 12, 2018

Iran (MNN) – When a former Taliban executioner first called in to Mohabat TV, a ministry of Heart4Iran, he was restless and couldn’t understand how Jesus could love him. Today, he is changed.

Seeking Peace

Nazanin Baghestani, the program response supervisor for Mohabat TV, shares how one night their team received a notable call. The man on the other end of the line wanted more information about Jesus. He told them he used to execute people as a member of the Taliban. He was restless and couldn’t sleep. He would wake with nightmares and couldn’t breathe.

Their team talked and prayed with him, but he needed time. The Mohabat TV team continued talking with and counseling him over time as he called back in.

“It took him a while for him to actually realize that Jesus could help him,” Baghestani explains. “This was hard for him to understand. So while we’d talked with him, counseled him [he needed more time]. And eventually one night, after we’d prayed and talked with him and read the word, he slept. And that night he said ‘that was the first night I could sleep in peace.’ And so he found himself actually trying to forgive himself.”

The former Taliban member was excited and continued talking with the counselors and team members at Mohabat TV. Now Baghestani says he is a changed person. Thanks to Jesus’ redemptive work, this man is experiencing freedom in Christ and peace from his sins.

The story is incredible, but it is not the only one.

Finding God. Overcoming Fear.

Baghestani emphasizes that Muslims in Iran are looking for God. “They want to serve God; they love God. They search for God. And Jesus said whoever searches will find. Whoever knocks, the door will be opened unto you. So there you go. They’ve been searching and God responds. He responds to them with visions and dreams and touches their hearts, answers their prayers, [gives them] miracles, signs they receive from heaven. Oh, we get so many testimonies that they have encountered God, you know, powerfully.”

Photo courtesy of Hamed Saber on Flickr https://goo.gl/dV4AWT Courtesy of Fulvio Spada on Flickr at https://goo.gl/hN94h6

But there are things to overcome. For many Muslims, fear is a controlling factor. They are scared to turn away from Islam because of those around them or because Allah might punish them. They are afraid of groups like the Taliban, fearful that those in their own communities might kill them.

Heart4Iran starts off those conversations by introducing people to Jesus and the peace that He gives in the face of trouble. They also demonstrate the truth that God wants to forgive everyone, no matter what they have done.

“Only the Holy Spirit can Touch Such a Stubborn Heart.”

Baghestani cautions that many times we think those who do terrible things cannot come to Jesus, yet that is not what the Bible says.

All sin is awful before God. Yet, those who have done horrific things or served in organizations opposed to God, like the Taliban, are not forgotten by God’s grace. Jesus can forgive and heal even those who seem like they have the hardest hearts.

“There is hope for them and Jesus is for everyone. He can transform the hardest heart and the most stubborn person. We have seen many of these Paul-like people who have come to Christ. So with this testimony, we are trying to say that yes there is hope and God is working today.”

Be Part of the Ministry

Join Heart4Iran in reaching Muslims with the good news of the Gospel that brings peace.

Consider giving financially to the ministry of Heart4Iran to help provide the manpower needed to counsel and pray with individuals who hear God’s Word.

Please also join Baghestani and the rest of the Heart 4Iran team in praying for open hearts for the Gospel. “We pray: Lord open their understanding that they might know the hope of your calling. So this is our prayer, Ephesians 1:17. It’s very clear that this is what we have to pray, that God will open the eyes of their heart.”

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Header photo courtesy of Fulvio Spada on Flickr at https://goo.gl/hN94h6

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