Tea party for kids, program for radio

By November 16, 2011

Russia (MNN) — A ministry to the next generation in Russia is gearing up for a major outreach effort. Russian Ministries needs you to help with tea and cookies. Radio stations can help by catching the vision. It's a team effort to reach Russia for Christ this Christmas.

Russian Ministries Project Hope is in high gear, and volunteers are needed. No, you don't have to travel to Russia. You don't even need to leave home. They're looking for people who would like to hold a tea party in their home in honor of needy children in the former Soviet Union. Tea is almost a staple for Russians.

President of Russia Ministries Sergey Rakhuba says he'll even help you with the menu with Russian recipes. "We offer help on how to organize a Russian tea party and how to make Russian cookies with the recipes we offer on our Web site. Host a tea party with your family, friends, children, Bible study groups, Sunday school or even your neighbors."

As you host this tea party, Rakhuba would like you to pray for a Russian child. "Just pick a name. Any name from Russia. And think of a child who has no chance. Then at the end, make a pledge of at least $25 to help reach that child through Russian Ministries with a wonderful Gift of Hope."

The goal is to raise enough money to help 50,000 young people this year.

Russian Ministries has also created a Radio Special for radio stations. It features Project Hope in a 25-minute Christmas special to help listeners understand the program a little better. As stations catch the vision for the ministry, Rukhuba says, "We would also like to invite listeners or radio stations to partner with us, maybe do a follow-up trip and travel with us to Russia to see those kids."

If you'd like information about hosting a Russian Tea Party, click here. Ask your local radio station if they'll be airing the Russian Ministries Christmas Special, Project Hope. Click on the previous link to listen to it. Stations: it is being distributed on AMB-OS. The filename is: RUSM_PHRS_11-01-11_01-01.MP2


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