Teacher training model opens ministry doors

By January 24, 2013

International (MNN) — With education being a key way to reach children with the Gospel, Worldwide Christian Schools (WWCS) is excited to announce the opening of three new ministry fields with teachers in Indonesia, Cambodia, and India.

WWCS has designed Education Care, a new program to provide educators the methods for teaching from a biblical perspective and for building relationships with their students.

Steve Geurink with WWCS says, "Education Care consists of six modules with topics such as how students learn, developing student gifts, preventive and corrective discipline, leadership in the school, and the purpose and value of your school."

The program focuses on the teacher being the mentor. They're trained not simply to teach the students math, geometry, and other subjects, but to actually build relationships with the children, along with teaching them about the Gospel.

The Education Care program helps the teacher come alongside each child while they are learning. Geurink explains, "It's an exciting new approach that goes directly to the teachers themselves, in the villages. Master trainers in each country go to [the teachers]."

The goal? "To be able to implement, effect, and impact not just the children, but their communities and even the parents of these children.

"Most of this training is done in 2-3 days, on [each] particular topic," says Geurink. After the training, there's 4-6 months of application, an action plan, and a "report on what they were able to accomplish; then they move to the next particular topic or session."

WWCS's goal is to find a way for teachers to bring the Gospel to the children they are working with. Education Care training has begun in the United States. From there, WWCS will begin training in "Uganda, Zambia, Nicaragua, Mexico, El Salvador," Geurink says, "moving into Indonesia, Cambodia, and India."

Some of the teachers could face persecution while presenting the Bible to the children. "They're very much aware of what could happen in their region. But we are excited about giving the tools that they can use to reach the children. The key is they still meet the curriculum needs from the country."

The three new programs in Indonesia, Cambodia, and India are all opening this July. Each new program costs WWCS "approximately $10,000 to open up any new country to the worker education care," says Geurink. "We would treasure financial partners who help us open up new countries."

If you are interested in getting involved in the Education Care program, check "Featured Links" at MNN.online. How can you pray? "Pray for financial support," asks Geurink, "for
effectiveness, and for openings in every country so the program
will expand."


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