Teachers become transformers in East Africa

By August 16, 2023

East Africa (MNN) — At an undisclosed location* in East Africa, poor governance and widespread corruption challenge national development. The only hope for a better future lies within this country’s young population.

Set Free Ministries operates a dozen schools here, employing 200 teachers. More about that here. A first-ever training event recently equipped these teachers to be transformers.

“The teachers had never met; we had all 200 teachers travel to Light Academy and meet each other for the first time,” Set Free’s Dave McIntyre says.

“It was amazing to see them finally understand the scope of our program: to disciple children from kindergarten through high school graduation.”

Set Free’s four-day conference “focused on discipleship and knowing who you are in Christ. The conference solidified [the idea] that they (the teachers) are the ones who will model Christ to their students,” McIntyre says.

Previously-wild students are obedient and focused, prompting the community to ask why and how.
(Photo courtesy of Bill Wegener/Unsplash)

“Once that is the foundation of a school, everything changes. The desire for learning changes; children are not afraid to speak up and speak their minds or ask questions.”

After reviewing participant feedback, Set Free leaders committed to holding a training event every year from now on.

“One teacher had been to many other teachers’ conferences and [said] they were always aimed at professional development,” McIntyre says.

“This was the first time she’d ever been to a conference where [the overarching goal was] her being more connected with Jesus Christ.”

As teachers apply what they’ve learned, heart change and discipleship are the natural results. Wild students become obedient and focused, prompting the community to ask why. Pray that believers are ready to share their faith when opportunities arise.

In this country, “kids can be pretty wild; they don’t have much of a foundation in proper family life. A lot of things are broken,” McIntyre says.

“When the Word of God gets a hold of their hearts, and the Holy Spirit transforms their lives, it impacts their communities.”


*Name withheld for security purposes



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