Teachers needed to help in foreign fields

By February 15, 2007

USA (MNN) — Mission Aviation Fellowship is known for
needing pilots, communications and other specialists. But, MAF is finding they
need other specialized workers in the field to help keep their technical
specialists on the field.

MAF's Crissie Rask says they need teachers. "The reason we need teachers is the places these specialist are needed are not in downtown places where there's lots of options for education," their needed in rural areas where most of the MAF specialists are working. Rask says they're definately different and difficult situations.

According to Rask, that means being flexible. "That
would mean we would send a teacher to a one room school house. In another area
it may mean we cooperate with another international school," she says.

Across the missions community, educating missionary children
is important. Rask says without it, "They may just feel like thay can not
serve in that location, or that they just need to leave the organization
altogether and return to the U-S."

Currently MAF has some important needs. "Right now this
year, I need 10 teachers. We need teacher in Central Asia. We need teachers in
Indonesia and we need teachers in Ecuador, but that's just what we need to keep
things running at a reasonable staffing level."

They're looking for either state certified or ACSI certified
teachers with at least one year of classroom experience to commit to at least
one school year. "We have had teachers that just meet that and are very
young and energetic and have had an incredible impact on the kids. We've has
teachers at the other end of the spectrum who ultimately become teacher
mentors," Rask says.

Rask does have specific needs, too. "Elementary
teachers. This year I'm recruiting a high school social studies teachers (and)
a middle school language arts teacher. We're recruiting dorm parents and our
biggest need, though, is still elementary teachers — running up to eighth

If you'd like to volunteer, you can contact MAF at

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