Teachers wanted for Uganda mission trip

By March 7, 2016

Uganda (MNN) – Are you a teacher looking to share your skills? If so, Every Child Ministries’ summer mission trip might be for you.

Photo by Afayo of ECM (http://www.afayo.org/)

(Photo by Afayo of ECM at http://www.afayo.org/)

From, July 22nd to August 3rd, ECM will lead a team of educators to Uganda to train teachers at St. Paul Primary School as part of ECM’s Afayo Project. During this time, teachers from the United State will be able to demonstrate teaching techniques, provide mentorship, and build relationships with the students and teachers in Uganda.

Afayo means “He cares” in Lusoga.

When Afayo first began, “Most of the teachers on the staff had little or no training,” says Mark Luckey, ECM’s new international director. ECM soon began trying to change this by working beside them and bring teachers from the U.S. to volunteer with them

Most of the time, the teachers as St. Paul Primary School only have blackboards to work with, so it becomes an adjustment for volunteers to help the teachers better educate the students with limited resources.

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(Photo courtesy of the Afayo Project via Facebook)

“They have to make that adjustment. But once they do that and can come up with some applicable methodology for teaching a lesson, then [volunteers] better understand how to help their teachers,” explains Luckey.

“The beauty of it is that teachers who have a lot of experience here–they have good methodology, things that they’ve tried in the classroom that have worked–have the opportunity to go and sit down with other teachers, even poorly-trained teachers, and try to help them.”

These teachers from two different continents often form long-lasting relationships, and some teachers from the U.S. even return the next year. Yet, it’s through these relationships the Gospel is shared.

“The simple act of them coming and sharing about teaching and other things is a way of building a relationship that can help them further that person’s understanding of who Jesus is, who God is, how God reaches out to us and helps us in so many ways,” says Luckey.

Sometimes volunteers are able to help out in the local church or share a sermon, too. But regardless of how ECM volunteers engage with the people they’re serving, they’re always ready to talk about Christ.

(Photo courtesy Every Child Ministries)

(Photo courtesy Every Child Ministries)

“I think we’re sharing the Gospel clearly in two ways. One is just by loving, just by being the hands and feet of Jesus…. [The other is sharing] what God has done in our lives and to help people who may or may not know who Jesus to gain a better understanding of who He is,” shares Luckey.

You can help share the Gospel by mentoring a teacher in Uganda with ECM this summer! If traveling isn’t a possibility just yet, please pray for the success of this trip, safety for all participants, and for God’s glory through the Gospel.

To learn more about the trip, click here.

To request more information, call ECM at (219) 996-4201.


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