Teaching hospital coming to Bethlehem

By November 16, 2007

West Bank (MNN) —  CURE International plans a hospital in Bethlehem.
The U.S. based Christian medical charity announced last week that it plans to open a $16.5 million state-of-the-art medical training center and hospital in Bethlehem,Palestine.  This new facility will be the first specialty surgical care available to Palestinian children in the West Bank.

Dr. Scott Harrison, who founded CURE International and serves as the organization's president, says that this cardiac and orthopedic hospital fills a major need where medical care is severely limited.

The project is also a cooperation between Christians, Muslims and Jews who are working together to provide medical care for the children in the area.  Harrison says that "The Bethlehem hospital is unique in that it is bringing together three faith groups to build a facility of healing in a very volatile region."  The group will serve together at teh hospital and will receive additional training at some of the leading hospitals in Jerusalem.

The governor of Bethlehem says they will set the example for co-existence and bring the message of peace, tolerance, freedom, and acceptance of all people.

CURE International is a Christian medical charity which operates teaching hospitals throughout the developing world and is committed to the physical and spiritual healing of disabled children. 


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