Teaching team lays groundwork for ministry in creative access nations

By June 12, 2009

International (MNN) — A ReachGlobal team from a creative
access context recently led a teacher training workshop.

Training is important to ReachGlobal because they want to be
sure that any new growth as a result is firmly grounded. That said, they are dependent on the Bible
and the Holy Spirit for effectiveness in their work. 

According to their Web site, their teams believe that Scripture, with its central focus of the Gospel, is the basis for their ministry. Without the Scriptures,  there is no lasting message, no authoritative
and enduring revelation from God, and no power to see lives changed.

Teaching people how to teach this truth is more than
resourcing a church. It's a plan of
growth. This team trained a group of
five coordinators who will in turn each train eight more Sunday school
teachers. These five coordinators plan to oversee 40 teachers in 40 churches with the hope of further multiplication.

Pray that God will protect and multiply this effort so that
many children have the opportunity to know and love the Lord through activities
that are created especially for them.


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