Team members still needed for blanket trips

By September 19, 2011

India (MNN) — The drawing for a free Global Action mission trip to distribute blankets in India or Nepal has long been over, but that doesn't mean you can't still go.

Global Action is taking three blanket distribution trips this winter: one at Thanksgiving, one in early December, and one around the New Year. Only fortunate winner was able to go with Global Action for free, but if you still feel called to India or Nepal, Global Action could use more hands. And so could the people of India.

In India, Global Action will be traveling to the state of Uttar Pradesh, the state Dunberg says has probably the fewest Christians in all of India. He says it is dominated by Muslims and some Hindus.

Most in the area have never seen a Christian, heard the Gospel, or even seen a white person.

So for a team of Americans to come in is already an attention-getter. But as the team hands out blankets and hugs the lowest of untouchables in India's caste system, barriers are broken. These people have rarely been touched by anyone.

The gesture of not only a warm blanket, but sometimes a children's choir singing, and always a message of hope, is enough to keep hundreds thinking about Christ. Every year, Global Action sees new groups of Christians begin to sprout up when they leave.

"We've done this for years now, and in some of these villages, it's not just people responding to the blankets. We've actually seen little cell groups forming: new believers who came to Christ through the ongoing testimony of our staff in this area," says Dunberg.

When you sign up and pay for the trip, all of your expenses will be included, and you'll have the opportunity to touch the lives of thousands who may otherwise freeze to death in the frigid winter of North India and Nepal.

"If you can't go, you can still help us provide blankets for the cost of a hamburger and fries, or a really upscale latte: $5.00," adds Dunberg. Global Action purchases the wool blankets in India and can thus buy and distribute each one for just $5.00.

If you're considering joining a trip, click here and learn more about each one. Otherwise, consider giving $5.00 for a blanket that could save a life now, and for eternity. Give a blanket here.

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