Team takes 10-day trek to get to isolated, unreached group

By May 12, 2011

Kyrgyzstan (MNN) — Two years ago, a team of Kyrgyz believers trekked for over a week to reach one 2,500-person group of isolated, illiterate people. This year, they're doing it again.

This remote group of people does not read and has access to almost nothing. That initial visit is believed to have been the first time the forgotten group had heard the Word of God.

According to the Joshua Project, 57 percent of people groups in the country–which is nearly 90 percent Muslim–are unreached with the Gospel. Kyrgyzstan ranks 46th on the Open Doors World Watch List for countries with the highest levels of persecution, so the Word is spread with caution.

Nonetheless, partners of Audio Scripture Ministries in the area have said many of the people of Kyrgyzstan have shown a real interest in the Gospel. This remote people group, unaffected by most of the rest of society, represents some of them.

ASM's Tom Dudenhofer confirms that there has been response, and now the team is headed back to the remote region for follow up and to bring more audio Bibles.

"They have to drive off road for about three days; they hike for four days; they hit one settlement, and then they take another three-day hike from there." Dudenhofer adds, "This is truly a forgotten people."

The August trip will include delivering audio Scriptures recorded by a Kyrgyz group years ago and now loaded onto ASM digital, solar-powered players.

It may not seem like too difficult of a task to complete, but the long, isolated journey poses some serious safety threats. "The believers in Kyrgyzstan, along with our friends who have helped coordinate this project there, are willing to take that risk because they really believe these people need to hear about Jesus," says Dudenhofer.

With such eager participants and a receptive audience, everything is mostly in place. "This is one of those projects that God has really just put every single thing in place. The only thing that we're waiting on right now is his supply of funding for some of the players that will go to these people."

You can be an answer to this prayer. Audio players cost about $40 a piece, and just one could potentially serve many people. If you would like to help in this effort, click here.

In the meantime, start praying for the team as they make the brutal trek to reach these forgotten people. Pray for their safety and for God to truly use them for transformative purposes while they're there.

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