Teams build homes on the soil and in the hearts of Romania

By October 2, 2012

Romania (MNN) — On a recent trip to Eastern Europe, a Vision Beyond Borders team led by Marshall Grover brought solutions to physical and spiritual needs. Teams shared the Good News with unbelievers and built a home for the Haven of Hope orphanage director.

"We worked during the day and tried to reach out to the rest of the community in the evenings," stated Grover. He noted a hunger for the hope of Christ among Gypsy communities–the nation's most downtrodden and outcast society. VBB teams ministered to the Gypsies through music and evangelism, building a home for Jesus in the hearts of the Gypsy people.

Grover described a spiritual longing among Gypsy communities created by the teachings of Romania's two dominant religions: the Russian Orthodox faith and Catholicism.

"They see their previous teachings to be dead or of no hope," explained Grover. "So they seem to be very receptive once they get an understanding of the Gospel."

The VBB team leader also saw a passion for God's Word among the Gypsies. Grover visited Romania several times with VBB to deliver Bibles to Gypsy communities. He noted the importance of not only bringing Gypsies to Christ, but teaching them how to be disciples.

"They just love having their own Bibles," Grover said, "and that is such an important thing."

Grover also spoke of the physical house his team built during their September visit. They constructed a home for the director of the Haven of Hope orphanage, which shares a compound with a small church VBB teams worked on in July. Haven of Hope houses orphans–and currently the orphanage director–in what used to be a Communist work camp.

"It's been converted and brought up to livable standards these past few years," noted Grover. The new home teams constructed on this trip will not only house the orphanage director, but guests and a few orphans.

Pray for new believers to start learning more about who God is and how they should live as Christians. Ask the Lord to support and encourage His workers at the Haven of Hope orphanage.

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