Teams needed to start recovery process of 2011’s natural disasters

By October 4, 2011

USA (MNN) – The year of 2011 has been filled with natural disaster for the United States. No one disaster has been of Japan-tsunami proportions, but multiple "small" crises are adding up.

TouchGlobal Crisis Response, a ministry of the Evangelical Free Church of America, is responding to three of these crises in particular.

Hurricane Irene is long gone, but the flood-wrought devastation that she left will be with the Northeast in America for years.

The Susquehanna River flooding left thousands stranded and many more thousands fighting mud and water in their homes in Pennsylvania and New York.

In Texas, wildfires have been a problem for six months. 20% of families at Bastrop Bible Church have lost their homes to raging fires in a county where 1,386 homes burned to the ground. The Texas Forest Service has responded to 181 fires that have burned over 118,000 acres.

The damage may be done from all these disasters, but that doesn't mean these affected families can move on. Some still remain homeless. Some have years of rebuilding ahead of them.

These families are not alone, though. TouchGlobal has already been involved in delivering aid and strategizing rebuild projects through local churches in disaster zone areas. The ministry's churches have already had opportunities to share Christ's love and Good News with their communities.

Now it's your turn to jump in. The EFCA has ways for you to give to all three projects financially. You can also pray for affected churches and for the hearts of those they help.

If you'd rather do a hands-on job, the EFCA is looking for teams to help with the recovery process. If your church is interested in sending a team, contact the EFCA at [email protected].

To learn more about any of these three ways to get involved, click here.

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