Teams scrambled for longer term response in quake-rattled Indonesia.

By April 20, 2005

Indonesia (MNN)–The world has heard about the catastrophic effects of a late March earthquake on Indonesia’s Nias Island.

Since then, multiple powerful aftershocks have shaken down what few structures stood, leaving thousands without shelter.

Teen Missions’ Bob Bland says they’re scrambling response teams to support the relief team. “We are trying to help. We’ve sent people in and we’ve been building some houses, and we’ve been providing some finances to build houses.”

Water projects have become of paramount importance. Fresh water wells were filled with salt water from the tsunami, and then damaged by subsequent quakes and aftershocks. Bland says their teams are pumping the salt water out and repairing as best they can.

As most of the residential structures were either damaged or destroyed, they’re moving on that, too. Bland explains, “We have a team going this summer, a team of teenagers is going to go in and work on a church there in Nias.”

Teen Missions is still recruiting for the summer trip. Boot Camp starts at the end of June. Without a doubt, ministry plays a key role in both rebuilding and support.

Bland says the project is important to the life of an indigenous church. “Sometimes the government will help people with houses, and things like that, but they certainly will not help with a church. We want to try to help get the word out.”

By assisting the indigenous church on their feet, they can help preserve the continued evangelistic impact. Bland says, “The unique thing about Nias is that, in this largest Muslim country in the world, Nias Island is about 80-percent Christian.”

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