Teen devotional ‘Unlocked’ announces new editor and developments

By November 16, 2018

USA (MNN) — We told you that there is a new teens devotional coming out with Keys for Kids. But now, their teen devotional Unlocked is officially in development and has some exciting updates!

Keys for Kids has hired Kandi Zeller as the new editor for Unlocked, and they even have a prototype of the teen devotional available.

Greg Yoder, executive director of Keys for Kids, says, “Kandi actually grew up reading Keys for Kids, our devotional, as a kid. Then as she became a tweener and a teenager, she actually began writing her own teen devotional thinking that Keys for Kids would want something like this. So she went through college, actually went through Kuyper College in Grand Rapids and started interning for us, of all things! Well, she is now our official editor of Unlocked.”

teenagers, boysThe teen devotional is still undergoing changes as they get feedback from other teenagers.

“If people that are listening or reading this information would like a prototype, we would be happy to send them one! All they need to [do] is to go to Unlocked.org.”

There, you can download a sample of the Unlocked devotional prototype, take a survey on what you think about the devo, and donate to the project.

You can even check out writer’s guidelines if you want to submit a devotional to Unlocked.

“We are in need of collecting 90 writings every quarter for this teen devotional,” Yoder explains. “If you happen to be a writer, a teenager, a college student, an adult who just loves to write and has some ideas, we have some suggestions for you in what we’re looking for…. And, by the way, we do pay!”

Camp directors, Sunday school teachers, youth leaders, and parents have all been requesting a teen devotional from Keys for Kids for years. The problem was it wasn’t really a demographic the ministry catered to.

teenagers, college students, high schoolers, shoes, kidsHowever, now that Keys for Kids is all-in on seeing Unlocked come to fruition, they couldn’t be more confident that the Lord’s hand was in this process from the beginning.

“We’re super excited about the fact that there is going to be a teen devotional that is not just providing daily readings for teens, but they are sharing the Gospel with kids that are searching and also giving them Scripture-based readings. They are going to help teenagers specifically grow in their walk with the Lord.”

Yoder says there really isn’t anything like Unlocked on the market today — a Scripture-based devotional that will take teens from their 9th-grade through their 12th-grade year.

“We anticipate that Unlocked will become hopefully as large in terms of subscribers as our Keys for Kids devotional is. That’s anywhere from 65,000 to 75,000 people that are receiving that every quarter.”

Keys for Kids plans to launch Unlocked devotionals in June. But starting Monday, you can get your subscription in early. Just visit the Keys for Kids website.

For now, Yoder lists a few crucial prayer requests:

“We need prayer for additional funding. We are in the process of raising nearly half-a-million dollars for our next initiative which is not only funding the Keys for Kids devotional proper, but then also creating an app that we know is going to be kind of partnering with this printed devotional.”

If you would like to give in support of Unlocked, click here!

“Then, [we are] finding a voice to be our radio program voice for Unlocked. We’re going to be recording that for teens down the road, so we just need to find that individual who is best able to communicate these readings. And will it be one person or multiple people? We just don’t know yet.”

Finally, he asks, “Pray for wisdom specifically. We’ve never done teen ministry before so this is kind of new for us. We just want to make sure we’re following the Lord’s leading in everything we do.”

You can learn more about this project at Unlocked.org. Keep checking back because new information will be available over the next month as well.



Header image courtesy of Keys for Kids.

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