Teen Missions coming full circle

By February 18, 2009

Zambia (MNN) — Teen Mission International has seen a full circle effect with its Boot Camp program in Zambia.

Boot Camp is not as stringent as it may sound. It is, rather, a Bible training camp of sorts, in which local Zambian teenagers are trained in the Word, evangelism, as well as some construction. When training is complete, teens are sent out to do service projects such as building or painting all as a type of ministry. At the end of the experience, teens are challenged to go into full time ministry.

Recently, some of the program's participants have chosen to work with Teen Missions orphan outreach as a type of internship. As these teenagers pour into the lives of the fatherless, the orphans have desired to join the Boot Camp program, do the training, and reach other lost orphans. It is a perpetuating cycle of ministry.

"We started seeing these orphans come to Boot Camp, and then they are challenged in full-time service, and the circle just continues," says Teen Missions' Doug Peterson. "It's interesting that now in our Bible camp we have about eight of these orphans who want to go out and be facilitators and help those as they were helped."

Teen Missions is inadvertently helping to solve the orphan problem in Zambia through its Boot Camp program. The ministry works to train these children spiritually and mentally, putting them through school, building schools where there are not any, and teaching them to serve others and spread the Good News.

Peterson says to ensure that this work continues, a strong prayer base is in order. "Pray for the work and the young people who haven't heard, don't have an opportunity, and lack so much of what we just take for granted."

You or a teen you know can be involved in an even closer way if you feel led. Teen Missions International has Boot Camps and other ministries across the globe and needs teenagers to come and help serve. To learn more about serving with Teen Missions, call the number to the left of this article or click here.


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