Teens still focused on 20,000 Bibles

By December 5, 2012

USA (MNN) — Thousands of Christians in India are benefiting from the work and generosity of Christians in the United States. With the help of people like you, Christian Resources International sent a shipping container full of Bibles and Christian teaching tools to India.

Executive Director of CRI Jason Woolford says the container was delivered to a Bible institute there. Through pictures, he saw how overjoyed they were. "Then I noticed they weren't wearing any shoes. And I thought, 'This isn't a container filled with clothes or food or anything except for the Word of God, and they were so overjoyed and so happy.'"

Woolford says while this is one success, there are so many more requests for Bibles and Christian teaching tools. A Michigan youth group understands that and set a goal to collect 20,000 Bibles and Christians books to send overseas.

"TILT" is the name of the youth group from Howell, Michigan. We told you about it last month. But nobody expected their story to go viral, says Woolford. "We had gotten a call from Peru. It was on many different broadcasts, if you can imagine. It was even on local ABC, NBC, and CBS stations, The San Francisco Chronicle, Christian blogs, and Focus on the Family."

While that helped "TILT," they still need more help to reach their goal. "We're helping equip pastors, evangelists, and missionaries, orphanages, and Bible training institutes with the Word of God–doing that at no cost to them."

While CRI has met the goals to send these shipping containers full of donated Bibles and Christian teaching tools, funding to ship them has been short this year. "We ask people for $10 a month to become partners — book missionaries — with our mission, helping us to continue to send God's Word around the world. Others, we ask for $27 a month, and this helps put $300 worth of Bibles and Christian teaching tools on a pastor's shelf."

If you'd like to help "TILT" reach their goal, contact CRI at MyCRImission.com.

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