Television bug for SAT-7

By October 28, 2014
Photo courtesy of SAT-7.

(Photo courtesy of SAT-7)

Egypt (MNN/SAT-7) — Children seem to be in charge of the television. If parents aren’t watching something as compelling as Dora, then children feel the need to expose parents to their world of color and helping dogs find clues.

For Fady and Marian, a couple in Tanta, Egypt, they think their son, Fares, seems to have the television bug for SAT-7, a Christian satellite television ministry to the Middle East and North Africa.

Last year, the couple showed their two-and-a-half-year-old son the SAT-7 KIDS channel, and ever since, if the channel wasn’t set on SAT-7 KIDS, Fares would switch it to the correct channel.

After becoming so enthusiastic about the show, the family drove 52 miles to Cairo to speak with SAT-7.

Fady and Marian told the station they are so pleased that they became supporters and even have regular contact with some of the SAT-7 presenters.

“In our culture, we teach children from a very young age,” Fady explained. “We give children the freedom to make their own choices at 20 or 30, but at a young age we want to give them the foundations.” SAT-7 KIDS fits the bill perfectly, they said, “because it’s safe, there are no bad words or actions” and because they wanted Fares to know about Christ from a young age.

SAT-7 also ministers to adults, giving them hope in God and faith in prayer. During the post-revolution turmoil of the last three days, Marian recalls, “All the prayers on SAT-7 were saying not to fear or worry about what happened. They first encouraged the adults and then they encouraged the kids.”

“We are used to living with these pressures,” Fady said, but watching SAT-7 KIDS has “been a way to run away from all the noise around us.”

Pray that SAT-7 will continue ministering to families all across the Middle East and North Africa, giving them hope.

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