More than ten-cent prayers

By July 21, 2014
Paradise Bound Ministry Team in Tonajuyo (Photo courtesy of Paradise Bound)

Paradise Bound Ministry Team in Tonajuyo
(Photo courtesy of Paradise Bound)

Guatemala (MNN) — Ten cents isn’t much of an investment. In fact, it’s an expenditure easily forgotten in the fast-paced, high-cost world we live in.

It’s the same with prayer. Paradise Bound Ministries reminds us of the saying, “Don’t expect a million dollar answer to a ten-cent prayer.”

How often are our prayers ten-cent prayers? Easily forgotten investments of time and feeling that we throw around here and there, hoping we’re making a difference but forgetting the cause.

There is a battle being fought all over the world and one that’s particularly evident in one Guatemalan village. It is the fight against a cold religion that threatens to replace a warm relationship with Jesus.

Paradise Bound firmly believes in the power, importance, and reverence of prayer. They’re asking for your heartfelt and engaged prayer for that village in Guatemala.

Last week, a team with Paradise Bound began the 90-home building project in Tonajuyu. The five homes this particular group is building is for the following five families that you can be in prayer for.

List by Paradise Bound Ministries

(List by Paradise Bound Ministries)

Be praying also for the team members to be faithful witnesses of God’s love for His people. Pray for their safety as they finish up their trip today.

Continue to pray for the village of Tonajuyu as residents¬†continue to encounter the workers of Paradise Bound. Ask God to open their eyes to eternity,¬†even as they’re earthly homes are built.


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