Tens of thousands feared dead in the wake of a killer tsunami; Christians respond.

By December 29, 2004

Thailand (MNN)–Food and supplies are pouring into South Asia and East Africa, part of what the United Nations said would be the biggest relief effort the world has ever seen.

Governments have pledged nearly $70 million (USD) in initial aid. But coordinating the relief operations could stretch the resources of the battered countries and aid agencies.

Food for the Hungry’s Beth Allen says they are strategizing to work with additional partners in the region. “Because we have our headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand, we already have people on the ground in Phuket, one of the worst affected areas in Thailand. We are working with churches in that area to be distributing, at the very least, food and water and other basic relief supplies.”

Thousands of dollars have been earmarked for the disaster and supplies are already being distributed. Additionally, an assessment team will arrive in less than 24 hours. Food for the Hungry’s Thailand office has already been working to identify local-church partners to assist the relief team.

Allen says their teams always look for opportunities to be the hands and feet of Christ in crises. With millions displaced and a rising death toll in the tens of thousands, Allen says actions speak louder than words. “We’re also extremely concerned about the emotional and the spiritual well-being of the people who have been left behind. We’re concerned about how we can use this opportunity to minister to those people, whatever their religious background, we want to help them, no matter what.”

FH President Ben Homan says that becomes even more important since, “Many of their family members have died, and offering emotional comfort is a vital response in tandem with providing items to meet their physical needs. We are there to respond to the needs of the whole person and to give them hope in a seemingly hopeless situation.”

Pray for the teams as they begin to help the desolated piece their lives together.

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