Tensions are still high as Haitians wait for election recount

By December 14, 2010

Haiti (MNN) — A year after the devastating earthquake in Haiti, election results have caused Haitians even more pain and upset. After two full days of riots and the country being completely shut down, tensions continue to be high. Until there is a fair and democratic resolution to the elections, there will continue to be problems in Haiti.

The government has promised the people of Haiti a recount since they were not pleased with the initial results in the election. Haitians felt that their government cheated them out of fair elections and had tampered with the voting process. According to the New York Times, Mirlande Manigat came in first, then Jude Célestin, and finally Michel Martelly, who narrowly made the run-off and objected to the recount.

Fortunately, there is a temporary calm in Haiti, and things have returned to normal–for the time being.

Greg Yoder, Vice President of Christian World Outreach (CWO), is stuck in Haiti because of flight cancelations due to the unrest. He says, "Right now, one of the reasons things may be calm is that the election committee has asked for a recount. They have been saying they're going to do some things, and people are waiting to see. As soon as there is any indication of something that the candidates' supporters don't like, there is always that opportunity to cause problems again." Unrest is feared in the run up to the next election in January 2011.

Yoder told Mission Network News that CWO centers also were shut down, due to the upset of elections. Their organization was at a standstill.

"Fortunately," says Yoder, "things were back to normal this weekend in Haiti, so we were able to get to church on Sunday. But it's kind of up in the air, and I know that people are a little tense. You can see as they go down a street, if they see something that looks there might be a problem ahead, they're already turning off the main road."

Yoder told CWO church members to have the joy of the Lord in their hearts so that people can see something different in Christians.

"As they go out into the streets and in their homes, [we want Haitians] to see that there is something different in them and that they are not putting their faith in a government, but in a God who loves them and will care for them," says Yoder.

Many have responded to Christ. Two people accepted Christ this past weekend. Yoder says, "It's not just people accepting Christ, but they are going through the process of being discipled and being baptized. So, it's not just a one-time thing, but they're going through a process and staying involved in the church, and we are excited about that."

Pray that the Lord will calm the hearts of the Haitian people as they await the results of the recount. Pray that they will realize that God is ultimately in control, no matter the outcome. CWO asks for financial support as they work to make a difference for Christ in this country. Click here to donate to CWO .

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