Tensions in Israel present opportunities to evangelism

By November 13, 2006

Israel (MNN) — Israel is on high alert as Palestinian militants threaten to avenge an Israeli artillery strike in Northern Gaza last week.

However, the uncertainty surrounding Israel, Gaza and the West Bank is actually helping outreach in the Holy Land, says E3 Partners’ Tom Doyle, who is in Israel. He says people are concerned about the problems with Hezbollah in the north and Hamas in the south.

Doyle says, “This is the first time that so many Jewish people are asking questions. They’re open. They’re listening. They feel very threatened right now, so there’s kind of a sense of despair and gloom and that’s always very good for the Gospel.”

Yesterday, Doyle was part of the dedication of the Gaza Baptist Church. He says the only evangelical church there is having an impact. “They win Muslims to Christ. They do everything from discipling former Hamas members to food distribution to all kinds of things in the Gaza strip. They really are the light in that dark area.”

Doyle says E3 Partners workers are also having a significant impact in the West Bank. “This year about 10 new churches have been started and these are significant churches — some of them over 100. There’s also something happening in Ramallah, where many Muslims have come to Christ. They estimate about 500.”

According to Doyle, Muslims turning to Christ isn’t an isolated thing. He tells us why. “There’s a frustration with Islam. The majority of Muslims don’t want to do Jihad and take over the world. They’d just be happy to be able to feed their families. Muslims are talking about this and how many people have been turning away from Islam and looking at Christianity.”

According to Doyle, pastors in these areas need your support. “The most important thing that’s turned the corner for us at E3 in the Middle East is that big prayer team that supporting the Middle East leaders. Secondly, for just a dollar a day, $30 a month, that will help get the pastors a little bit of salary, all the resources he needs, EvangeCubes,”

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