Tensions rise between North and South Korea

By May 28, 2010

North Korea (MNN) — Tensions between North and South Korea
rose even higher this week. 

Yesterday, North Korea invalidated the 2004 accord designed
to prevent an escalation of war along the Demilitarized Zone, a 2.5-mile-wide buffer between Korea's two
opposing armies. It's the world's most
heavily-fortified border, which was created as part of the Korean War armistice
of 1953.

Accusations have flown since international investigators confirmed
a North Korean submarine torpedoed the South Korean navy corvette, the Cheonan,
killing 46 sailors.  he incident
occurred last week, in waters south of a western sea border, defended by the
South, and ignored by the North.

Making good on an earlier threat, the North Korean military is
also considering blocking communications and transportation across the land

Carl Moeller with
Open Doors observes that this could be a costly
provocation and "could certainly mean that North Korea plunges headlong into
total insanity and goes to war with the South. There would be millions of

Economic sanctions would also likely occur, which would
further devastate an already destitute nation. At the bottom of the social scale
are those with no voice and no standing: the Christians. They'd be easy marks with attention focused
on the potential of war.

When asked if they expected to see  a jump in oppression against believers, Moeller says it's already happening. "There's more scrutiny on the border with
China. People who are able to flee as refugees are being captured, and when
they're captured, they're turned into labor camp convicts. Secondly, the
underground networks of believers are under more pressure as a result of more
government infiltration." 

Open Doors quotes an expert on
North Korea: "Christians are the target of fierce government action, and
once caught, are not regarded as human. Last year we had evidence that some [of
those captured] were used as guinea pigs to test chemical and biological

If EVER there was a time to lift up believers in North
Korea, it's now. Moeller says, "There's
no question about it: it's the number one prayer request of North Korean
believers. They've specifically been praying over this last year for Western
Christians to pray for revival."

North Korea was at the top, once again, of the World Watch List. It
is most noted for a ruthless suppression of religious activity, which the government recognizes
as an insurrection to the North Korean socialist principles.

To that end, pray that Christians will have opportunities to
share the love of Christ, even with those who oppress them. Pray for the salvation of Kim
Jung Il and his leadership team.

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