Tent Schools works with resettled refugee students

By March 23, 2021

USA (MNN) — Refugee resettlement is getting a new look in the U.S.: a kingdom look.

Anne Hamming of Tent Schools International says most of these refugees come from dire situations, forced to leave their homelands. They have no money and must adapt to a new culture and learn a new language. “They face their resettlement with an astonishing and inspiring amount of hope. Because this is so much better than what they left behind. And they accept that it would never be safe for them to go back. By the time they get to the US, they’ve grappled with that heartache, and the grief over the losing their homes, their family members, many of their cultural traditions.”

Tent Schools’ work with resettled students

Tent Schools aids students of resettled families in the West Michigan area, supplying them with recycled computers. Hamming says, “It’s easy to forget in our homes where we may have four laptops. Try to imagine what it is like to not have the dollars on hand to buy a computer for your children. Even an inexpensive Chromebook is out of reach. So we heard over and over about children trying to do schoolwork on a parent’s phone.”

You can help with this program, even if you don’t live in the West Michigan area. Hamming says, “If you have old electronics, please do find your local certified electronics recycler. Many of the certified recyclers refurbish computers and sell them at a discount. Many of them also have community programs, where they will donate or steeply discount for people who are needing support.”

Also, pray the care of Christians for refugees will show who Jesus is and draw many to Him.



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