Tepehuan tribe receives Scripture in their language

By April 18, 2014
Photo by New Tribes Mission

(Photo by New Tribes Mission)

Mexico (MNN) — “I never understood like this before,” a Northern Tepehuan man said after reading a portion of the New Testament translation. “When is another book going to be ready?” he asks New Tribes Mission translator Kevin Case.

Kevin and Wendy Case have 80% of the New Testament translated in the Northern Tepehuan language. The book of Hebrews is in the processes of the final comprehension check before giving it out to the people. The Tepehuan missionary team expressly asks for your prayers during this process.

The Tepehuan people live in small-scattered homesteads among the rugged mountains and canyons of Mexico. The biggest challenge to building an effective tribal church among them is their isolation, which leads to independence and mistrust caused by years of abuse and exploitation.

“It’s been very hard for the Tepehuan believers to learn to love and care for one another,” Case says. “To date, they have not been able to develop a group identity as a church.”

It is essential that the Tepehuan have God’s living Word in a language they can truly understand. Only the Word has the power to break through distrust with truth and light.

New Tribes Missions asks for prayer for the Tepehuan missionary team, the completion of the New Testament in the Tepehuan language, and for growth of a thriving, mature church among the people. Ask God to provide consistent translation help for the books of Mathew, 2 Corinthians, James, the two books of Peter, the three books of John, and Jude.

Giving a gift can help translate the Bible into more languages. Each $35 pays for a verse and teaching materials so people can read and understand God’s Word.

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