Terror fears in Pakistan, Christ shines through an elementary school.

By December 9, 2005

Pakistan (MNN)–Twelve people died Thursday in an explosion, amid a spate of violence in the lawless region. It’s one more in a growing series of events that has Pakistan in turmoil.

Strategic World Impact’s Kevin Turner says because of attacks in the area, they’ve had to step up security measures at their school. “What we’ve found is that it’s not so much having a guard, as it is having a good rapport with the community.”

They’ve found a different approach to security was needed because the problem was external. Turner explains, “The attacks that have taken place on our school are not so much by the citizenship, per se, but there is a Madrasa a few miles down the road and this is where all the vitriol comes from.”

With the 154 kids they teach, Turner believes their work has a long impact for the Gospel. “We have Pakistani teachers who are all Christian, and we also have families from the West, who serve with SWI, teaching at the school. Of course, these children are getting a chance to hear the Gospel continually.”

SWI is looking for sponsors for more students. It costs five-dollars a month to sponsor a child. For details, go to the SWI website. Their information is listed below.

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