Terrorism grows, but so does the church

By August 28, 2015

Egypt (MNN) — In Egypt, threats of terrorism are at a high, but according to 8thirty8, a prayer ministry kick-started by E3 Partners, that’s not stopping the faithful from flocking to worship all across the country.

Why the surprise? Terrorist operations have been plentiful in the past few weeks. On July 11, a car bomb struck the Italian consulate in Cairo, killing one man and injuring nine others.

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Then, on August 20, a bomb was set off in an Egyptian security building, and 29 people were injured.

The most recent attack was four days later, on Monday August 24. According to a FOX News report, a roadside bomb hit a bus in Cairo. Three police officers were killed, and 27 more were injured.

With all the threats of terrorism sweeping across the region, 8thirty8 quoted one pastor as being caught off guard by the number of people flooding through their doors.

And believe it or not, extremist attacks aren’t the only thing churchgoers have to be afraid of. The extreme weather is actually a huge issue for many Egyptians. The high temperatures are scorching the nation, and over 80 people have died in August alone.

Yet despite the heat waves and terrorism attacks, churches are filling up with Christians and Muslims alike, all desperate for an answer. It’s just another example of how God can use a bad situation for His glory.

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