Terrorism in Spain could help evangelism

By March 12, 2004

Spain (MNN) — Ten terrorist bombs ripped trains and stations at the height of rush hour Thursday morning in Madrid, Spain. The bombings killed more than 180 people and injured more than 900. Spanish officials say the Basque separatists group ETA is responsible for the worst terror attack in Spanish history. However, some say Al Qaeda was responsible.

Doug Bozung is with Greater Europe Mission, spent five years in Spain with the mission. Bozung says terrorism isn’t new to Spaniards. “The terrorist group ETA, has been active since the late 60’s in their fight for what they consider as their right to an independent Bosque state.”

As many grieve the loss of loved ones and deal with the pain of recovery, Bozung is praying for openness. He says, “It affects their psyche. Spaniards, like most people, love life. And, this has been going on for so long you’d think that their used to it. But, something of this magnitude has got to shake the society and the people. I would hope, it would be my prayer that Spaniards begin to consider their own mortality and their need for Christ.”

Even though 96-percent claim to be Catholic, most Spaniards don’t attend mass, and aren’t showing much spiritual fruit. Bozung says the need for Christ is great. The vast, vast majority of Spaniards have virtually nothing to do with the organized church. Religion is almost non-existent in their lives,” he says.

The key to reaching Spain and other European nations is through young people, says Bozung. He adds, “Young people are generally more open. Statistics show that most people come to Christ before their 18th birthday. So, it’s very important to reach these people when they’re young.”

Greater Europe Mission operates a very popular camping ministry which needs support. They also have a Bible Institute and church planting ministry in Spain.

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