Thai NIV Study Bible available

By December 3, 2010

Thailand (MNN) — Biblica attacks
every project they attempt with the same finely-honed focus of providing access
to God's Word. 

Vice President of Outreach Rich
Blanco outlines their three-pronged strategy through translation, publishing,
and Bible engagement. "We talk about that those first two, the translation and
publishing, are the foundation of what we do; but really, what we build on top
of that foundation is Bible engagement. How do we get people into the Word, into a deeper understanding of the

In answer to that question, Blanco says it is one thing to get the Bible to people in their heart language: "Usually
the next step after the full Scripture text is translated is providing some
additional materials that will help the Thai speakers to go deeper in their
understanding of Scripture."

After eight years of working on
it, Biblica launched the Thai NIV Study Bible.
It is one of the first Study Bibles available in the Thai language, providing
more than 20 million Thai speakers an opportunity to connect with Scripture. "In some cases, pastors who are called to
lead a congregation have very little training. This Study Bible becomes their
seminary in one volume. It becomes a critical resource for them to lead a
congregation and to teach and preach."

Leaders needing sermon resources
will find the Thai NIV Study Bible
a good fit for their needs. Blanco explains, "Some of the features of the Thai NIV Study Bible
include character profiles, introductions and outlines to the books, valuable
background information of each book, maps, charts and illustrations, even a

Excited believers gathered on November
27 at Wattana Church in Bangkok to celebrate the release. The team was painstaking in making sure that
the translation was produced with accuracy and clarity. "This will be promoted
through local churches, seminaries and Bible schools."

"We pray that the Thai NIV Study Bible will be a
great blessing to Thai Christians, and that we will gain further understanding
of God's Word so that our lives may be changed accordingly," said Naree
Chestsuttayangkul, the Thai translation project coordinator.

Blanco says, "The hope that we
have is to just see God utilize this tool to make churches more effective in
doing what God calls the church to do, and that is, spreading the good news of
the Gospel."

The Bible will also be available
upon request to Thai speakers in other regions of the world. The Thai Bible
without study notes is available in PDF form at


  • I am very interested in Thai study bible for our fellowship. I wonder if I could have 4 copies of it. I am happy to pay for them.

    God bless


  • I am working in the women’s prison in Ecuador. We have four Thai prisoners, one of whom only knows the Thai language. The latter desperately needs a Thai Bible. How much does your NIV Study Bible cost and how quickly can you ship it to a friend in NY who will be traveling here on Oct. 15th? Thanks so much for your response.

    Elaine Childs

  • Paula says:

    im in chang mai and in dire need of Thai bible please.

  • phillip pugh says:

    I am travelling to thailand in about three months to visit my girlfriend.I need a bible translated into Thai so that she can learn more about jesus and have a deeper understand of the gospel. How can i go about obtaining a copy of the bible translated to Thai.This is very important to me. I appriciate you taking the time to read this and responding to my inquiry by email. Thank you very much!!

  • I am originally from California but I now live in Khon Kaen Thailand. There are so many thais that need a Bible in there own language with study notes.
    How can I get a dozen sent to me in Khon Kaen?
    C David

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