The 4-14 Window in India

By April 14, 2016

India (MNN) — Out of the 1.25 billion people in India, roughly 372 million kids are younger than 15 years old, according to Mission India. This age is critical because it’s when kids have the most open and eager minds to learn.

(Photo courtesy of Mission India via Facebook)

(Photo courtesy of Mission India via Facebook)

That’s why Mission India is working hard to reach kids with God’s Word.

Mission India sites studies, which have shown hearing the Gospel between the ages of four and 14 increase the likeliness of a person receiving Christ as their savior.

The name for the age range is called the “4-14 Window”, and really, it’s an opportunity to reach out and recruit a young person to everlasting life.

Mission India is reaching kids through 10-day Children’s Bible Clubs, where kids have the chance to play games, hear stories, and make friends.

India is a hard place to be a kid. There’s illiteracy, child labor and marriage, and some kids aren’t seen as worthy.

Mission India’s Bible Clubs show them their true value and introduce them to Jesus, who will love them eternally no matter what.

India’s population is roughly 80% Hindu. Most kids will follow in their parents’ footsteps. But, in a number of instances, when a Christian church reaches kids first, kids will accept Christ and their family may follow.

Because of the 4-14 window, Mission India invites you to pray for the 372 million children in India under the age of 15, today on April 14. This Global Day of Prayer will unite people for one cause – to help change India’s next generation by introducing them to Christ.

Pray for change in the lives of millions of children. Pray God’s Word will touch their hearts and their families’ hearts.

If you want to help further, you can financially support Mission India’s Children’s Bible Clubs. $1 will introduce a boy or girl about the love of Christ.

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