The avionics service behind AIM evangelism

By May 13, 2010

USA (MNN) — The next time you see a plane in the sky, think about all the gauges, gadgets and gears that go into running it. Then, think of the technicians who keep these instruments repaired to make flight possible.

In the same way, the avionics (aviation electronics) team at Africa Inland Mission is dedicated to maintaining AIM planes to keep their mission aviation ministry up and flying.

Steve Motiff, who works at AIM's Radio Base as part of AIM AIR in the United States, said on their Web site, "An aircraft's instruments and avionics are essential to carry out each flight safely and efficiently. They allow the pilot to know the complete situation of his aircraft even when all that can be seen outside the window is white cloud vapor. Avionics systems allow for communication, navigation, awareness and avoidance of potential hazards to the flight, and relieve the pilot's workload and fatigue."

Therefore, the work Motiff and his team do makes it possible for mission aviation to continue. While they may never travel to a remote village in Africa and personally deliver the words of Christ to each of the village's inhabitants, their service allows individuals to hear about Christ from every missionary who flies there.

By using the gifts God has given them, the avionics team is impacting more people than they may ever be aware of.

Motiff said, "It is as though God is saying to us, 'These souls are precious to Me, so do whatever it takes to reach them.'"

Pray for Motiff and the rest of the team as they share God's love behind the scenes.

Do you know anyone or are you interested in avionics? Visit AIM AIR's Web site to see how God could use you through this ministry.

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