The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church.

By January 15, 2004

Siberia (MNN)–Ten years ago there were no churches in Salekhard (sahl-eh-Kard), Russia, but now, there are two. One has incredible significance. Greg Yoder is there and files this report. “This area of Russia is known by many Christians as “the place of death”. Believers were loaded on trains and forced to work in Siberia. Many died. Russian Ministries supported Pastor Anatoly Marichev. He started a church, and tells us, through an interpreter, that he’s now in the process of building a sanctuary coupled with a Bible training center. “…where we will have people coming from villages surrounding our city, where they can stay for several days, go through training classes and then go back to their towns. The church will be basically built on the bones of those who died, giving their lives for their freedom and for their faith.” Delivering construction material to Salekhard is expensive, and the congregation needs 25-thousand dollars to complete construction. Go to our web site MissionNetworkNews-dot-org to get involved. Greg Yoder, Mission Network News, Salekhard, Russia. ”

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