The Christian response to Islamic extremism

By August 25, 2010

International (MNN) — Suicide bombers recently struck a hotel in Somalia killing at least 32 people, according to BBC News. Other news groups say as many as 34 are dead. The group claiming responsibility was Al Qaeda-linked group Al-Shabab.

As Muslim extremists continue to carry out attacks around the world, the argument continues as to whether or not Islam can be considered a peaceful religion. While many Christians claim that the religion is peaceful at heart, Fouad Masri with Crescent Project says Christians can't ignore the tragedies taking place in the name of Islam.

"We need to look at the situation and understand that whether Islam is peaceful or not, many Muslims are not acting like Jesus acts. So we need to tell Muslims about Jesus," says Masri.

The radicalism some Muslims claim may stem from their religion, but Masri says, "At the end of the day, it's a heart issue." Masri urges believers to be involved in prayer and evangelism, and not to just sit idly by while attacks continue to happen and hearts remain unrepentant and unaware of Christ's love.

"We as believers need to look at it and not stand on the sidelines. We have a major crisis in the Muslim world. We have a religion that allows you to kill in the name of God," says Masri. "What Muslims need to hear today is the gospel of love, the gospel of freedom, the gospel of forgiveness, the gospel that takes away the hate."

Crescent Project is dedicated specifically to reaching North America's 7 million population of Muslims with the Gospel. "We want every Muslim in North America–whether in Canada, Mexico or the United States–to hear the Good News of Christ. 7 million Muslims have been waiting for an authentic Christian witness."

The Islamic holy month of Ramadan began on August 11 and ends September 9, putting us right in the middle of it today. During this time, even nominal Muslims are searching for truth, seeking during what is the only month for some in which they sincerely practice their faith. Muslims are listening for God's voice, and He often responds through biblical truth or through dreams and visions of Jesus.

Crescent Project has trained thousands across the North American continent to effectively present the Gospel to the Muslims they interact with. For just $10, you can partner with them during this important month for ministry. $10 is all it costs to print and distribute a Bible to a North American Muslim who will receive it from a trained Crescent Project trainee who understands Islam and has faith in Jesus. To donate specifically to a get a Bible into the hands of a Muslim, click here and scroll in the 'Category' bar to find 'Give-A-Gospel'.

Please pray for Muslims in North America to hear the Good News during the rest of Ramadan. Pray that believers would have opportunities to share the Truth; pray for opportunities of your own to share the Good News of love and life with a Muslim.


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