The Christmas party for Haitian kids who don’t get parties

By December 24, 2021

Haiti (MNN) — This is the Christmas party for kids who don’t get invited to parties. The poorest of the poor. Every year, For Haiti With Love throws a Christmas party for at-risk Haitian children and their families!

This year, For Haiti With Love is expecting around 500 kids. Each child gets a meal, a gift, and learns about Jesus – the real reason we celebrate Christmas.

(Photo courtesy of For Haiti With Love)

For Haiti With Love’s Eva DeHart says they try to host the party in a new community each year. “Moving it from location to location, you can include children that have never experienced that before. So you’re giving the Gospel to a new audience and you’re celebrating the birthday with a new group.”

If you’re concerned about ministry in Haiti with recent stories of gang violence, it’s understandable. And For Haiti With Love’s Christmas shipments coming from outside Haiti would be a high-value target for gang theft.

However, DeHart says, “We thank God we’re in the north instead of the south. It’s a whole different atmosphere in the north of Haiti. Since the presidential assassination, the gangs have been running Port-au-Prince. Most of the stories of violence and unruly conduct are coming out of Port-au-Prince and out of the south.

“It’s because the gangs have simply overtaken the law enforcement and there is no police force down there, so to speak. With gang rule, it’s very unruly. But so far, they’ve been content to isolate themselves to the south. It’s just not as big a problem up north.”

(Photo courtesy of For Haiti With Love)

Although it’s too late to directly support the Christmas party, it’s never too late to give in the nonprofit world. Click here to support For Haiti With Love!

Then, pray for open hearts to the Gospel in Haiti. “Surround the party and the attendees with prayer,” asks DeHart, “that they truly listen and receive the Gospel message and the real purpose of the party, and that they understand that we are there representing Christ.”






Header photo of children in Haiti, courtesy of Zach Vessels via Unsplash.